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What is Social Jukebox Really An In Depth Review

Name: Social Jukebox

Price: Free to get started Founder: Tim Fargo Overall Rank: 8.5 out 10 Who is it for: Anyone

An Introduction to Social Jukebox

Social Jukebox is a scheduling tool that will allow you to fill up your articles, quotes and various posts into a "jukebox"; schedule it whenever and how often you would like your social media posts to get out; and then simply kick back and allow the software to do the entire process for you – it's that amazingly and absolutely automatic.

Social Jukebox at present enables you to effortlessly link your Twitter, Facebook as well as LinkedIn accounts.

Hopefully in the near future it will have have the option to link to Pinterest, Instagram , and various other social media platforms.

But for now it works like a charm.

Check out this short video on Why you should use Social Jukebox:

I absolutely love the Jukeboxes. And furthermore it's convenient and its effortlessly easy to get started.

Simply create a Jukebox for a category of posts; load it up with your social media content, select how often and when you'd like it to be posted on your specific social platform, and then simply turn it on.

With each individual Jukebox, you can easily store thousands of social media posts and set them up to go off at predetermined times with your social jukebox scheduling tool. It is possible send off tweets as well as posts over a 100 times per day every day 360 days of the year. In addition your planned scheduling is completely flexible, enabling you to you, to scheduled different times and intervals for every day of the week.

As soon as it runs out of tweets or posts, your Jukebox will start the cycle automatically all over again and simply keep tweeting and posting your content on autopilot. This is process is completely automatic. You simply just sit back, relax and let the jukeboxes do it's thing.

Quite simply you could set your evergreen posts and tweets to run forever,- technically speaking.

Getting started is easy, and you will be able to get a FREE Jukebox with 200 popular quotes to try out. The absolutely free jukebox account which gives you two jukeboxes including,-- up to as much as 300 stored jukebox tweets or posts in addition to 5 stored Targeted Posts for each day.

in addition to this free service you can thank as many as 50 of your top interactive followers.

However, having said that, your free accounts are restricted and limited to five tweets on Twitter and one facebook post daily .

But if you like Social Jukebox and you will, you are in a position to easily upgrade to one of the paid plans.

Check out the Social Jukebox Orientation video below:

Targeted Posts

Do you have a post you really want repeated a couple of intervals to make sure that your followers using twitter notice it?

Would you like to to setup a Christmas season or maybe a birthday message that could be posted once a year?

This is where you are able to do that.

Recurring scheduled posts are those those which you would like sent out on a an exact time frame and frequency. By scheduling your social media posts, you can ensure that you able to get your information right in front of your social media followers every day, weekly, annually or simply multiple times a every day.

You’ll also observe that the scheduling tool is extremely flexible and adaptive.

Here’s a 5 minute video about targeted social media posts:

Thank you Tweets

When ever a twitter user mentions you, it’s generally common courtesy to “thank” them . Inside Social Jukebox you can quite easily accomplish this by by utilizing the “Thank You Tweet tool”.

You are able to thank up to 50 twitter followers for their loyal interaction every Friday .

Your trusty Social jukebox software system will acknowledge and thank the top Twitter users that takes the time to mentioned you during the course of the week .

As soon as you turn on this cool feature and you set up your thank you text message, you sit back and let this fully automatic feature do all the work, you don’t need to do anything at all .


Your incredible Social Jukebox will on autopilot automatically gather and collect all mentions of your Twitter platform 24/7.

Each and every mention is captured, collected and then stored in your personal database.

And with said you’ll be able to see all your mentions over any period of time in a nifty graph format, and you'll also be able to see who your topmost promoters are utilizing 2 specific metrics – which is volume and reach.

And this cool feature is fully automatic as well!


This innovative company provides several different choices for memberships at this point in time. Firstly, they offer a at this point Free Membership, that allows individuals 2 Jukeboxes, three hundred Stored Posts, 5 Targeted Social Media Posts, 1 Social Account, as well as 50 branded Thank You Tweets, with a max of 5 Tweets a day and 1 Facebook or LinkedIn posting a day. Their Advanced Membership package is priced at $19.99 monthly and in addition provides paid members 10 Jukeboxes, 5000 Stored Social Media Posts, 50 Specifically Targeted Posts and of up to 3 Linked Social Media Accounts, as well as 100 Customized Thank You Tweets, all of which come available per account. The Social Jukebox website states that their Pro Membership program is their most favored and popular option. Priced at $29.99 per monthly and offers as much as 30 Jukeboxes, 10,000 Stored social media Posts, 200 targeted Posts and up to 10 Interconnected Social Media Accounts, as well as 100 Customized and Personalized Thank You Tweets, all of which are accessible per account. Their Business enterprise is reasonably priced at $49.99 and gives business customers 100 Social Jukeboxes, 10,000 Stored Social Media Posts, fifty Targeted Posts, as much as 50 connected Social Media Accounts, not to mention 200 fully Customizeable Thank You Tweets, all of these available for each linked social media account. To conclude their Ultimate Membership package is priced at $99.99 and offers 200 Jukeboxes, 20,000 Stored Posts, 1000 Targeted Posts, allows you to link a whopping 200 Accounts, and with that comes a cool 500 personalized and fully Customized Thank You Tweets, all of which are accessible for each linked social media account.

Additional features of Tweet Jukebox

Would it be a good practice to post the same tweet more often than once? Theirs varying opinions on this. I personally don’t have a problem with as each tweet is only seen by a very small percentage of your twitter followers. Should there be a message which is important to share, there's no need to be afraid to send your tweet it out several times as your followers logs onto twitter and varying times. There’s a balancing act between making a social media post as noticeable as possible and not trying to bore people and having them un-follow your account. Or even worse, block or mute you. On each social jukebox you have an option to indicate whether a tweet will be posted again until a certain designated number of days have passed as set.

Other invaluable functions include:

  • Including a image of your choice to a tweet.

  • A highly visual schedule, providing a convenient at-a-glance view of exactly when your tweets will appear at any point during the week.

  • Detailed Stats of all recent retweets or mentions by Twitter users.

  • Capability to move tweets between social jukeboxes.

  • Bulk csv Uploading and downloading tweets (paid accounts applies only).

  • Ability to see when last a a specific tweet was last posted.

  • Auto scheduling this feature will automatically spread your times evenly throughout the day ensuring no posts collide or gets posted simultaneously.

End dates and times on scheduled tweets (paid accounts only obviously) are pretty versatile and handy for those promotional tweets which you don’t want appearing after a particular date.

The Pros and Cons


Social Jukebox is an effective, fully automated social media management tool which efficiently allows you to easily send out social media content at any time you want. Regardless of whether you’re sending out quotes, blog posts, or links to products or just about practically anything, then this has to be the tool you need to use. As a personal ultra user I highly recommend Social Jukebox for anyone serious about growing their social media presence and network without ever having to be on social media every day of the week.

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