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Reason #1 – Your Online brochure


Business entities invest several thousands of rands putting together various promotional material, as well as circulating all of them . When you have a web site you are in a unique position to by pass that entirely . Your potential consumers could find out about you, as well as any one of your products or services via your website .

And when you get most of your business,- by means of networking as well as personal interactions, there is a good chance that  they may want to take a look at your website 9 out of 10 times.

Reason #2 – More customers

At least 2 .4 billion people use the world wide web every single day , as well as some 90% of people have acquired some thing , or even got into contact with a business, on-line during the past twelve months . That being said by avoiding and delaying putting your website in-place, you will surely find yourself passing up on a massive chunk of the pie .

Reason #3 – Business value

Ever attempted getting a business bank loan in recent times? Yes that's right,- it’s really difficult, however if you attempt to try & the bank manager requests to see your web site, you better have a very good one.


It doesn’t merely just stop with your banking institution, the perceived value of your organization will undoubtedly be greatly reduced in everyone’s eyes – most especially your potential customers

Reason #4 – Because your customers expect you to have one

Significant percentage of consumers expect a stable, professional business to have a website in this age, and not having one is a sure to cause trust issues with your potential customers as to your company's professionalism, stability, and your ability to deliver on your promises to them.  Not having a website, especially when your top competitors do, can make your company look like a fly-by-night organization that can't be trusted .

Reason #5 – Time to show off

You should understand that absolutely amazing feeling you experience when individuals appreciate the tremendous work you do?


Well, - by means of a website it's certainly possible to showcase who you are as well as adopt great pride in your  work .


Reason #6 – Helps with business goals

That’s exactly right!  When it relates to putting together the subject material for your web site you certainly will examine aspects of your company that you personally haven’t in several years .

And you'll more than likely be able to re-evaluate your business goals and objectives and having an existing website allows you to change or improve something that exists already.


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